What happens when the Divine Feminine (DF) shows up unannounced on your doorstep?

If you’re me, you sell the company you’ve spent the last several years building, go completely underground, read everything you can about female-centered spiritual traditions, become a yoga teacher, and then start writing about the journey.

DiviniShe is a blog about goddesses, girl power, and re-sacralizing the feminine. When we lose our ability to envision ourselves as sacred beings, something terrible and soul-crushing happens. It’s my belief that this lack of sacred representation of women is also a predominant reason our planet is in crisis.

So, the buck stops here. No more soul-crushing.  In a world of such beautiful symmetry and balance, I will not accept that women are intended to be considered any less sacred than men.

I’m an unlikely candidate to be doing this. I was raised Southern Baptist in the Deep South. I got an undergraduate, then a Master’s degree in communications, and went to work right away in the public relations and consulting industries. In 2008 I founded my own company, providing HR and employee communications services to Fortune 500 corporate clients in the tech, pharmaceutical and financial services industries. I spent the next seven years steadily growing the business. Along the way I had one baby, then another.

I was on the traditional path of making money, acquiring nice stuff and raising kids when She (the DF) showed up and completely upended my life. I am eternally grateful to Her for helping me find my life’s purpose.

At the moment, DiviniShe reflects my own thoughts and experiences in studying and learning about the DF. However, my dream is for this to become a home for many diverse voices. If you’ve got something to say about all that is sacred and powerfully female, I want to hear from you.

Here’s to the DF, y’all. May we all live long and prosper with Her blessings.    

-- Liz Kelly