What happens when the Divine Feminine (DF) shows up unannounced on your doorstep?

If you’re me, you sell the company you’ve spent the last several years building, go completely underground, read everything you can about female-centered spiritual traditions, become a yoga teacher, and then start writing about the journey.

DiviniShe is a blog about goddess love, fierce feminism, and re-sacralizing the feminine. To sacralize something means to regard it as sacred. From my own research, it's pretty clear that the DF was once a common concept around the world. To re-sacralize Her simply means to restore Her to Her rightful place, in our culture and our consciousness.

When we lose our ability to envision ourselves as sacred beings, something terrible and soul-crushing happens. It’s my belief that this lack of sacred representation of women is also a predominant reason our planet is in crisis.

So, the buck stops here. No more soul-crushing.  In a world of such beautiful symmetry and balance, I will not accept that women are intended to be considered any less sacred than men.

At the moment, DiviniShe reflects my own thoughts and experiences. However, the DF is inclusive, collaborative and knows that many voices make one helluva story. If you've got something to say about Her, I want to hear it so please send me a note if you're interested in contributing a post. 

Here’s to the DF, y’all. May we all live long and prosper with Her blessings.    

-- Liz Kelly